Savvy condo associations, HOA boards, and co-ops who are thinking about working with a professional association manager will want to know a little bit about that company and why they might be a good fit for their community. There are many management companies in Miami. Today, we will share a little bit about Trident Management and the experience we bring to the associations we serve. 

Let’s talk about how we got started in the business.

Miami Real Estate Background

Jason Schoenholtz is the Director of Association Management and a founding partner at Trident. 

A lot of people will say they grew up in the industry, but Jason really did. He’s a fifth-generation real estate professional. His grandparents and his great-grandparents ran successful businesses in real estate. He grew up working with his family, watching and learning as they bought, sold, and managed small hotels. 

For a while, Jason did traditional real estate. Soon, he realized that showing houses and apartments wasn’t for him. He liked being in real estate but felt like his skills and talents could be used in different ways. 

Earning a CAM License (Certified Apartment Manager)

While he did not love the showings and the logistics involved in buying and selling real estate, he did find he had a passion for improving properties. Ultimately, he wanted to make the process of owning property and managing property a better experience. 

In 2000, he earned his Community Association Manager (CAM) license. While he could have explored building a business in any market throughout the country, he knew he wanted to stay in Miami, the where up in Miami, and has always called home. 

Miami Property Management and Association Management Experience

woman presenting using a laptopOnce Jason had his CAM license, he got to work building his experience. Seizing the opportunity to work with a fledgling association management company, he helped take that business from 12 associations to 105 associations. After investing 15 years with that company, he knew it was time to step away and build his own. 

About six years ago, Jason approached two good friends who were also in the industry for many years, and they became business partners. Together, they started Trident Management. 

Trident has three divisions. Jason runs the association management division. There’s also a division that focuses on managing buildings and individual units. There is also have a traditional real estate brokerage division. With a total of 12 full-time employees and a host of agents, assistants, and other professionals who help them; the company is growing in size and expertise. 

Find out why we’re Miami’s best-kept association management secret. We’d love to learn about your unique situation and discuss some ways in which we can improve your experience. Contact us at Trident Management.