Most boards in HOAs, condo associations, and coops are constrained by strict budgets. The challenge of allocating scarce resources to a growing number of different needs can be daunting. But choosing the lowest bidder when selecting a Miami property management partner can happen by default, and can be plagued by pitfalls.

Staying on budget is critical for associations. Budgets are the basis of any business, however, the lowest bidder is seldom the best person for the job. We see this in HOA management companies and even in our own lives. All of us have experienced the disappointment of terrible service when we thought we were saving money.

Miami Community Association Management Technology is a Good Investment

Community associations should consider what they are getting for the money they pay to management companies.

Technology, for example, is expensive. As a management company, Trident invests in the technology that’s most valuable to our clients. We evaluate the technology that’s out there and we define what will work best for the associations we serve. The ultimate goal is to find the platforms and the tools that will make the job of a volunteer association board member much easier and more transparent.

Good technology is a good investment. When you work with a management company that values this type of feature, you know your association will be managed far more efficiently and effectively. It’s worth paying a little bit more. Lowest bidders can rarely offer the same technology and the best systems. That means things move slower and with more room for mistakes.

Association Management Companies Employ Humans

While technology is expensive, it’s not the most valuable part of what you get from an association management company. You also get human talent.

At Trident Management, we believe that our property managers need work time as well as time to enjoy their personal lives. We don’t want to hire a team of people who are overworked and overburdened here in the office to the point that they lose their private time.

Compensation issues are critical in this country right now, and we are committed to paying a living wage to make sure we attract and retain the best talent when it comes to managing HOAs and community associations. We want to train the best team members so they stay here and grow in their careers. To do that, we have to pay them.

Providing Better Customer Service to Miami Associations

Well-paid happy professionals translate into a better attitude when they work for our clients.

All too often, local management companies keep their fees artificially low by loading their managers with many too many properties-sometimes up to 20 each. As an additional quality-control measure, Trident limits the amount of properties a single manager oversees.

It’s important that our employees are happy and enjoying what they do. It serves our clients better and your board gets better results than you would if you were working with a team that’s underpaid, overworked and unappreciated.

Local management companiesDon’t leave your Miami association management to the lowest bidder. It will end up costing you more than you think. If you’d like to talk about quality service done right the first time, please contact us at Trident Management.